Transforming Tomorrow

Al Thuraya Astronomy Center

Project info

The project comprises the construction, completion and maintenance of ground plus two storey building and substation block including electro mechanical services, external works such as parking, landscaping, etc, and services as per the attached documents. Unique design with modern style building located in Mushrif National Park, Dubai with total built area of 2,656 square meters. The building consists of G+2 floors with external parking and landscape reflecting the shape of the constellation.

The building is applying all green building requirements and is completely accessible to disabled person. Ground floor with a total area of 1,365 square meters comprising of entrance lobby, reception, waiting area, display area, 1 No Cinema, 1 No cafeteria, public toilets, internal main ramp and services area. First floor with a total area of 928 square meters comprising of LED display area, 2 nos. Lecture hall, administration offices, pantry and toilets and services area. Second floor plan with a total area of 370 square meters comprising of observatory dome with diameter of 11.5m including the telescope.


Location: Mushrif National Park, Dubai, UAE

Client / Owner: Dubai Municipality