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Atlantis Retail Expansion

Project info

The new Avenues Retail expansion will be located on the currently landscaped piece of land in between the monorail entrance and the entrance to The Avenues Atlantis Hotel. The intent is to extend the existing façade of the building, retaining the porte cochere, however moving the façade closer to the ‘drop-off’ area. The new building line will extend from Yuan Restaurant to as close to the mono-rail station as possible (considering emergency vehicle access and any maintenance required for the mono-rail).

This ‘new’ space will be a single storey building, air-conditioned and finished in a style which matches or compliments the existing Avenues Retail area (achieving a similar finished ceiling height). The newly gained space will offer retail space for 11no. new outlets, which ar e envisaged to be a mixture of retail and Food & Beverage.


Location: Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Client / Owner: Atlantis The Palm