Transforming Tomorrow

Urban Planning & Landscaping

“No problem can withstand the assault of critical thinking”

Capability statement

The DEC Landscape Studio blends imaginative design solutions with natural systems to establish a sense of place and community. Creating regenerative developments and communities to provide a more healthy, social and recreational lifestyle for the tourists and residents.

We view every project as a process involving the inventory and analysis of natural and built features culminating in a plan and implementation strategy. It is through this process that we identify opportunities and constraints, elicit appropriate feedback and develop a plan that best suits the needs of our clients and creates sustainable living.

A Key to our success is the strength of our staff, including landscape architects, urban designers, theming specialists, irrigation engineers and construction site personnel.


    • Preparation of feasibility study for the proposed Master Plan/Urban Planning according to the client needs
    • Develop the Master Plan according to the regulations and local authority design guidelines
    • Liaising with all local authorities to obtain the required permits/NOCs for the proposed master plan
    • Preparing initial landscape concept design report according to the client needs
    • Developing the design from the conceptual stage into schematic stage
    • Developing the design from the schematic stage to the design detail stage
    • Preparing the tender document
    • Preparing the specifications
    • Issue IFC package