Transforming Tomorrow

Architect of Record

“Knowledge is the key to success.”

Capability statement

Well knowledge of the regulations and design guidelines of the local authorities and the correlation among each other is our key success to procure the required permits/NOCs for the proposed project in a timely manner.


    • Developing Permits & NOCs Matrix according to the design and construction procurement
    • Providing the applicable codes, regulations and design guidelines to the engaged parties
    • Preparing weekly and monthly reports demonstrating the status of the approvals with the local authorities
    • Ensure Code Compliance for the proposed conceptual report
    • Assess and prepare the submittal to the local authorities according to their regulations and requirements
    • Following up with the related local authorities on the submitted transaction
    • Facilitating the response from the local authorities to the engaged parties
    • Participating in the technical meetings with the local authorities
    • Obtain the required NOCs/permits