Transforming Tomorrow

Contract / Construction Administration

“The projects we execute inspire us and reflect who we are as a team.”

“Great possibilities is built from executing mutually-beneficial contracts which evolve into enduring corporate partnerships.”

Capability statement

Possession of vast knowledge, strong experience and high competence in developing and analyzing critical path to ensure the achievement of the required milestones within the specified construction program.

Skillful understanding on the high level of accountability and responsibility that is adjunct with the project life cycle which relevant and of vital importance to ensure the overall successful delivery of contract administration.


    • Supplemental drawings and specifications as required clarifying the works for the contractor(s).
    • Review/comment/approve of shop drawings, samples and technical submittals.
    • Review/comment/approve the method statements.
    • Establish procedures for timely submission of shop drawings and samples to be reviewed and approved.
    • Verify that the schedules of materials and shop drawing submissions and approvals are tied to the contractor’s schedule.
    • Close monitoring of activities to ensure compliance by the contractor its subcontractors and suppliers.
    • Monitor materials deliveries with special attention to the list of long lead items, as well as identifying shortages.
    • Review of provision of spare parts as required by the construction contract.
    • Review of operation and maintenance manuals and ensuring their conformance with the requirements of the construction contract.
    • Daily inspection reports and other inspection reports.
    • Review of warranties and guarantees required by the construction contract.
    • Photo-documentation of construction site progress and detailed photo documentation of non-conforming works.
    • Written minutes of meetings with contractors and Authorities.
    • Written responses to requests for information (RFI).
    • Punch lists of incomplete items of the works.
    • Complete indexed and organized copy of all deliverables complete or incomplete (including drawings, reports, documents, models and/or data in hard and soft formats) in the possession of the Consultant or under its control in connection with performance of the Services and works performed or to be performed under the construction contracts or other contracts for performance of the component project.
    • Provide early warning of any problems arising or decisions required of the Employers, as soon as a problem arises on which a decision required is identified.
    • Act fairly within the terms of the contract when giving a decision, opinion or consent, expressing satisfaction or approval a determining value.
    • Notify the Employer of any contractor’s notice of insurance events to be covered by insurance.
    • Promptly inform the Employer in writing of anything likely effect of which would either:
    • Vary the project; or
    • Increase the cost of the project or change its qualityor function; or
    • Increase the time taken to complete the project; and provide advice and recommendation in respect thereto.
    • In the event of a potential threat to the project completion dates, the Consultant shall identify remedial measures with the contractor to correct and provide recommendations.
    • Assist in coordination and administration of all items under provisional sum and prime cost.