Transforming Tomorrow

Environment, Health & Safety

Project success is the result of a commitment to sustain the environment, promote health and ascertain safety in all aspects.

Capability statement

Commitment, well knowledge of the Environment, Health & Safety regulations mandated by the local authorities along with compliance to relative procedures and policies without compromise to quality are applied during the performance of services to ensure all construction activities are in accordance with the measures and controls from conception up to project completion.


    The Environment, Health & Safety Team ensures that the construction work is planned and managed in a way that prevents or minimizes health and safety risk by:

    • Ensure that projects are well managed with effective cooperation & communication between parties
    • Monitoring and coordinating all health and safety aspects during the design process ensuring that risks and hazards are reduced to as low a level as is reasonably practicable;
    • Ensuring that information is provided to all relevant stakeholders on residual hazards and risks.
    • Compile any information that may be needed to prepare safe working practices guidance for performing construction activities.
    • Ensuring that all stakeholders are fully aware of their health and safety regulatory duties prior to any construction work being undertaken;