Transforming Tomorrow

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Intelligent planning, focused effort and a commitment to excellence are everyone’s responsibility to ensure and maintain quality.

Capability statement

Proper management, deep understanding of all objectives, relevant procedures & control framework in addition to compliance to policies in all aspects of the project from start-up to final handing over to the Client is observed to guarantee the project’s overall excellence is met and best engineering practice is achieved.


    • Establish Quality Control / Quality Assurance Plan & Procedures
    • Develop plans and procedures for vendor and material inspections
    • Arrange an induction and orientation for the Project Team and stakeholders regarding all pertinent documents and processes specifically for each department to ensure alignment prior to project commencement
    • Enforce Quality Control & Quality Assurance systems on all stakeholders
    • Supervising and monitor the implementation of Quality Policies, Procedures, Programs and Systems.
    • Conduct regular external and internal audits of all stakeholders
    • Implement quality control procedure manual processes for conducting day to day operations, tests and inspections
    • Evaluate quality and performance as per client specifications
    • Review manufacturer’s products and providing recommendation for design and specification purposes
    • Review and approve of all associated supplier issued quality assurance, control documentation, problem solving of field inspection non-conformances and deviations from suppliers during inspection life cycle