Transforming Tomorrow


Accuracy in the identification of the land where the development is built upon is a major investment in the project life cycle.

Capability statement

Mastery of the technique, equipment and elements as well as possession of in-depth knowledge of the science of surveying allows full development of all engineering activities to take place.


    • Identify coordinates and levels of all control points established by the main contractor from local authority survey station
    • Ensure all works are done as per approved shop drawings, design and specification from the local authority
    • Conduct survey inspection of all setting out for buildings, roads, manholes and all underground line services such as telephone lines, sewerage, water supply, irrigation, fire fighting and other services
    • Confirm the slope and levels of formation prior to backfilling layer by layer for roads and prior to laying of pipes for underground services
    • Confirm formworks/shuttering coordinates, alignment, dimensions and level markings for manholes, chambers and buildings prior to casting of concrete